Theme Programs in the residence halls
Theme Programs are special residential communities co-sponsored by an academic department and the Office of Student Development. The Theme Program experience allows students to enjoy the opportunities of a large university while benefiting from being part of a smaller and closer-knit residential community of students who share a common academic interest.

Theme Program residents must enroll in a weekly for-credit seminar and participate in community service and leadership activities. Residents are also offered a variety of other opportunities that integrate living and learning in the residential environment, including field trips, retreats, workshops, faculty dinners, study groups and daily living with roommates and neighbors who share the same interest.

How to apply to the Theme Programs
To apply, complete a UC Berkeley housing application (online). Indicate which Theme Programs you are interested in and submit your application.

What if I've already applied for housing and now I want to live in a Theme Program?
You can go back to the Theme Program page on your housing application by logging back into the housing application portal:
Then choose the Theme Program step on the left-hand Application Menu. Once you're back on the Theme Program page you can enter/modify your preferences and essays, and then hit the "Save & Continue" button at the bottom of the page.

We offer the following Theme Programs

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